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Centaflex Coupling

Centaflex Coupling

Update Terakhir 01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Centaflex Coupling

Characteristics Simple, compact, smooth-face design Low weight, low moment of inertia. High performance, high-speed range, large bores permitted, rupture-proof. Large angle of twist with progressive characteristic curve ( approx. 6° -8° at nominal torque) . High elasticity and considerable flexibility in any direction ( radial, axial, angular) with low counter forces on shafts and bearings. The shafts do not, therefore, have to be aligned accurately. The action of the CENTAFLEX coupling is shock and vibration absorbing. The torque is transmitted absolutely free from play, uniformly, free from noise, and electrically insulating. The coupling requires no maintenance, the rubber parts suffer no wear, providing long useful life with no dirt produced by rubber particles. The rubber element is air flushed all-round; the heat generated is easily conducted away and the rubber element remains cool. The rubber element can easily be fitted and dismantled without the use of special tools or tensions bands. The coupling can be very easily aligned, relying on line of sight or with the aid of a straight edge, without any special templates or gauges. The elements can be dismantled transversely without any axial displacement. By slackening the radial screws, the drive can be easily separated and rotated without dismantling. No axial reaction forces are imposed on shafts and bearings due to the transmission of torque. Rubber elements are available in various shore hardness grades. This permits variation of the torsional stiffness within wide limits and its adaptation to the vibrational requirements of each drive system. The rubber elements are available in various materials: Standard: Natural rubber Special materials: Perbunan, neoprene, etc.